Kenya Tea Exporters

Produce Kenya tea
Varieties Brown tea, black tea
Common varieties Black tea, green tea, brown tea
Packing Packed in jute gunny bags
Size In sachets of 500 grams In jute of 50 kilograms
Season availability Throughout the year
Transportation conditions Transported under cool dry conditions


Tea is the major cash crop that is grown in Kenya. The dominant varieties of Kenya tea are black tea, green tea, yellow tea and white tea.

Tea was first introduced to Kenya in 1903 by GWL Caine and was planted in present-day Limuru. The commercialization of tea was started in 1924 by Malcolm Fyersbell. Since then, Kenya has become the primary producer of black tea. Kenya is ranked as the second tea exporter after china globally. Kenya tea is one of the top foreign earners alongside tourism, horticulture, and Kenya coffee

Both small-scale and large scale farmers do the production of tea. Small scale farmers of tea are managed by the Kenya tea development agency (KTDA). The small scale farmers produce 60% of the total tea production.