Rice Exporters in Kenya

Varieties Long grain, short grain, aromatic
Packing 500g to 5kg packets,50kg sacks,90 kg sacks
Storage 20-24 degrees Celsius, Store in a cool dry place
Season Available through out the year, peak season is November
Size 1cm
Transport Conditions Cool, clean, dry containers. Sacks are plastic lined to avoid moistire.


There are several varieties of rice grown in Kenya. Some rely on upland rainfall others fall under irrigation schemes.

  1. Long grain sindano rice: This is rice that has milled grains four times long as they are wide. It is separate fluffy and light when cooked and has no aroma.
  2. Medium grain rice: This kind of rice has shorter and broader kernels when cooked. The grains are moist and tend to stick to each other. Its grains are three times long as they are wide.
  3. Aromatic rice: This is popularly known as pishori.It is the most expensive brand of rice sold in Kenya. It has a strong, attractive aroma. Mostly it is grown in the mwea plains.